Saturday, February 3, 2007

Full moons and parties

The last few days have been a blur.. lots of drinking, dancing and good times. Full moon party was last night.. what a riot. Not a lot has changed in two years but I don't remember my last boat trip over to Koh Pha Ngan being quite so wet. The seas were crazy so we got asolutely drenched. We were freezing cold by the time we arrived and desperately needed to fix our makeup and hair (yes I am a girlie girl). Anyway.. we got to drinking buckets of Samsung Whiskey and coke as soon as we could and spent a large portion of our evening sitting in the sand watch the fire dancers. Check out the photos... I was a bit camera crazy the whole night.. lots of playing with time exposures etc so I have lots of wicked shots. Anyway.. we had this plan to meet at a certain spot should any of us get separated from the group. Good thing too because we lost Amy within about ten minutes. We climbed up to the bars on the cliffs where they sell magic mushroom shakes (no joke). We opted not to ingest illicit drugs and went on a hunt for some good dancing music. Easier said than done. It's all trancy-ravish stuff.. not really our scene. We ate deliciously cold fried chicken.. and sheet pans of pizza... and chocolate banana pancakes. So much good munchie food. The "Shark" company had set up an official sleeping area for drunk people to recover in. There were little mats laid out on the beach and there were security guards watching over them. Glad I didn't end up in there since everyone on the beach was taking photos of the poor bastards. By the time we were ready to head home it was 4am.. we had to catch another speed boat back to the island. Yes another rough and wet ride. People were passed out all over the boat and sleeping on eachother. It was really amusing to watch stangers resting their heads in one anothers laps. I will post more pics soon... almost have internet at home so stay tuned.

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Tanis said...

I miss you Mel but I'm glad you're having fun and avoiding illicit drug scenes in foreign countries. Smart girl! Love you and be careful!!