Monday, February 12, 2007

more Koh Pha Ngan

Well.. back in Samui now, after several days of drunkeness and debochery. No really, it was fun. We had a great little room with a blacony and we were just seconds from the beach. We spent every day sleeping in late, sunbathing, drinking beer and buckets and partying all night long. The beach at Haad Rin is absolutely gorgeous. Turquoise water and white sand. It's suprising considering that it all gets trashed nightly by the people partying on the beach. They do a good job of cleaning it up each day though. It has changed so much since i was there last. Prices are on the rise... there are tonnes of modern shops. The clubs are still the same though, right on the beach, which mats and chairs for people to lounge around and drink on. You dance in the sand and when it gets to hot you can run straight into the ocean (which is warmer than anything). I've become obsessed with fire throwing.. I really want to learn how to do it. The only disappointment is the lack of good food. The island has totally given into catering to western tourists.. .the food is CRAP. Even the Thai food is seriously lacking in quality. I will probably try and get to the next full moon party, if I can find someone to go with. For some reason my parents don't want to join me, ha ha. Back in Samui I have moved into the house on the hill, which is still under contstruction. My room is done, so I've got water and electricity but the rest of the building is still in shambles.. and I get to listen to the musical sound of hammers and drills in the early morning. Yuck. So I'm heading to Malaysia on Wednesday. I have to do a quick visa run so if all goes well I will be back on Saturday (I've got a friend flying in to Samui that day). I've posted some more pics on my photosite so check em out.

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