Monday, March 5, 2007

Im a bad bad blogger

I know it's been forever... I keep meaning to write up a huge story of my adventures but there havent really been any since i've been back from Malaysia. My mother forced me to go with her to a Sisters on Samui luncheon (some women's club thing) which was held at an British Pub. Nice powdered soup and roast pork with 47 kinds of boiled veg on the side. Yuck. Anyway, I did meet the manager of "Poppies", one of the best established restaurants on the island. She managed to arrange for me to go in and do an observation in the kitchen. It turned out to be quite an experience. The Chef is an American guy who has worked all over Asia for the last 17 years. The kitchen had at least 12 thai staff and it wasn't all that big. The kitchen was divided into two sides, the European and the Thai. The Thai food only takes about two minutes to plate since its all done in a wok or deep fryer... it's quite an art to time it with the Western food. It was by far the quietest kitchen ever... no talking at all. The temperature was un believable. It must have been at least 40 degrees. I dont' know how they can do it. They have a separate little air conditioned room for plating the salads and desserts, but the Thai's find it too cold in there and prefer to stand in the hot kitchen when they aren't plating. Thai garnishes are quite fancy... crazy intricate carvings out of vegetables. It was great to watch but I can't imagaine having to work in a kitchen that hot. I will never complain about the Culinary kitchen again, ha ha.
In other news... I've been spending a lot of time at the beach (duh) drinking coconuts and swimming. We go to quiz night at the pub every week (and we so-nearly win). Our house is very nearly finished. I have been using the kitchen up there for quite some time now. We should be moving in in a week or so. My sister had a nasty motorcycle accident in Vietnam... she had to get stitches in her head and stuff so she's cutting her journey short and coming home on Friday. It will be nice to have someone my age to hang out with. As much as I love my parents I could use a little break from them every now and then. I have decided to spend a few days in Hong Kong on my way home... I want to meet up with my Nanny from when we were kids and revisit some old places. Should be fun if I can avoid spending too much money. Anyway... I've got to go assemble beds up at the house. Things should get more exciting once my sis gets here...