Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Koh Pha Ngan

Well.. the really fantastic news is that I finally managed to get some decent photos posted. If you wanna see what I've got so far go to . I will put more up when I have time.. it takes forever to upload. In other news... I went to a Ladyboy Cabaret in Koh Samui. So much fun. They really go all out.. definately the best drag show I've ever been to. I felt right at home.. like being back at Celebs, ha ha. I will definately be going to it again since each show is so different. Amy and I arrived at Koh Pha Ngan yesterday. It has quietened down immensly since the Full Moon Party. Seeing it in daylight is a completely different scene though. I can't belive how much it has changed in the last two years. It's so developed now... so modern. Not nearly as grungy as it used to be either. Amy and I found a cheap little room with a nice balcony with a view of the hills and a little glimpse of the sea. U can hear the ocean while u lie in bed (unless the base of the music from the clubs drowns it out, ha ha). U need to stay up late and sleep in late here... everything is open until at least 2am or later and nothing opens till about noon. The food is pretty awful everywhere u go. We pick our restaurants by which pirated movies are playing. The beach is still gorgeous. White sand, turquoise water and huge waves. Nat arrives tomorrow for two nights.. then she's off to Bangkok. Amy leaves on the 12th and I will head back to Samui then. Still have to figure out where Im going to make my visa run. Anyway, I'm sure I will have more drunken tales to tell after tonight... stay tuned.

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