Sunday, January 28, 2007

Koh Samui

Yesterday we went for a trek with my dad to try and find a secluded beach. We eventually did and were enjoying the privacy when along came a dozen or so Thais who were out for a sunday picnic. After awhile we decided to bail but stopped to watch them climbing up palm trees and tossing down some coconuts. The began hacking into them with machetes and offered us some when they saw us watching them. We eagerly accepted and drank up the contents of about four coconuts (they kept handing them to us). Then they cut them open for us and pulled out all the meat. So good. We were absolutely stuffed by the time we left.

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James said...


Miss you. Good to hear about your trip, especially amy's crazy adventures. Why does that not suprise me. You should have warned her about Thai waxing!! Anywho, keep on blogging. I'll be reading. take care, love and hugs,